end-grain panels

Made of staves glued vertically so that the growth rings of the wood are visible on the surface giving a “butchers block” appearance, this panel comes in a selected choice of wood species including Beech, Red Heart Beech, Oak, Walnut (European & American), Hornbeam, and Maple.


This special gluing provides a hardwearing, long-lasting surface ideally used for kitchen tops and, equally, an attractive element for contemporary designs of table tops or shelves units. Whilst the standard size is 1200/2000/2400 x 600mm, end-grain panels can be manufactured up to 2950 x 1000mm.




Current availabilities include


- thickness ranges from     40 to 80mm

- standard thickness          40mm / 45mm

- width                                up to 1000mm

- length                               up to 2950mm

wood types:

- Beech, Red Heart Beech, Oak, Walnut (European & American), Hornbeam, Maple


- glue D3 formaldehyde free compliant with DIN EN 204

- 120 grit on face & 80 grit on back

end uses:

- kitchen tops, table tops, shelves units

End Grain Oak_mod

Available also with radius profile or chamfer.

Finished in oil.

End-user guide lines included.

Packed individually plastic wrapped.