Oil Finish

Each panel can be pre-finished or finished with one or two coats of oil on all surfaces.


Special attention is paid to the end-grain panels as they are more vulnerable. The oiling is done in this case by submerging the complete top in an oil-basin to absorb oil until the wood pores are deeply penetrated and saturated.


Massiv oil in use is a natural product, 100% vegetable oil, containing thistle oil, poppy seed oil, nut oil, rapeseed oil, soya bean oil and sunflower oil, bees wax, carnauba wax, hydrocarbons free from aromatic solvents as well as lead & barium free drying substances. The oil meets the standards DIN 53160, EN 71-3, DIN 68861 Part 1 – Resistance Group C being environmental and child friendly and fit for all types of uses, inclusive for kitchen tops.




Panels can be plastic packed bulk, by package, or individually, by piece. With top & bottom cardboard protection.


Also available individual cardboard packing.

Labels, end user guide lines, or EAN bar code offered to be placed under the plastic wrapping.


Edge Profiles

Each panel can be machine profiled with round (bull-nose) or flat (chamfer) profile on the long edge(s), – top edge alone or both top & bottom.

Bull-nose profiles: Radius = 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 13mm / 20mm etc.

Chamfer profiles: Flat = 2mm / 3mm

Also available drainer grooves to customers own requirements, from drawing or sample.