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enviromental policy


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Massiv fully recognizes its responsibility to the environment, its customers, and staff to base its production activities on supply from well-managed forests.

Massiv is committed to sourcing all raw materials from legal sources and supported by evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with existing laws for harvesting in Romania.

Every supplier of logs must present for each and every supply documents attesting the origin of the wood in the form of an official contract issued by Romsilva (the Romanian natural resource management authority). 100% of the logs we buy and cut in our saw mill (beech, oak, ash, maple, etc) originate from Romania, mainly the Western and South Western part of the country, where our facility is located.


Massiv is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC® C106687 Chain-of-Custody scheme. The scope for certification is ‘Purchase of FSC 100% logs, sawn timber and wooden elements, production (Transfer System), sale and export of FSC 100% lumber, flooring planks, edge-glued panels, furniture accessories, kitchen accessories and wooden briquette’.
Our Certificate number is SGS-COC 008875.


Massiv is dedicated to using the most modern, efficient and environmentally sound methods of wood products manufacturing. Our power plant is operating on wood waste generated in the production process. The steam produced is used for running the steamer, kiln-driers, and for heating up the remanufacturing plant.

Massiv glue in use for gluing panels is manufactured in Germany and it is formaldehyde free compliant with DIN EN 204.


Wood is a renewable natural resource & wood products originating from carefully managed and harvested forests are not harming the environment.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on our environmental management system. Feel free to contact us for further information:


Phone: +40 255 516 850

Fax: +40 255 516 856

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it